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February 29, 2024

Leap Year

Happy Leap Year day! Looks like the snow is past us now for the foreseeable future. Pretty quiet around Houghton this week as Michigan Tech students are enjoying Spring Break. CLICK HERE to check out a beautiful parcel of land near Bruce Crossing that we just listed today!

February 28, 2024


Single digit temps, windy and snow! Schools were cancelled today so I'm sure the local kids enjoyed a good old fashioned 'snow day'. Made for a good day to get caught up on office work, and we did end up writing an offer on some land up towards Keweenaw County. Looks like things should be warming back up quickly.

February 27, 2024


A beautiful day to be in the U.P.! CLICK HERE to see a very cute little cottage we listed today in Rockland. Rockland is a lovely area! Also signed paperwork today on a couple new parcels of land we'll be listing outside of Baraga in the coming days. Sounds like it's supposed to get cold tomorrow!

February 26, 2024


One day closer to Spring! Today we closed on a 30 acre parcel near Coles Creek as well as a 160 acre parcel in Skanee. CLICK HERE to see an affordable little place we just listed in South Range. Going to be a busy week!

February 20, 2024


Warmer weather is coming back! CLICK HERE to see a beautiful 40 acre parcel we listed today near L'anse. Silver River runs through, driveway/site in, awesome. Get out and enjoy the outdoors!

February 12, 2024

Paradise Road

February is rolling along! CLICK HERE to see a BEAUTIFUL new home that we listed on Paradise Road just south of Houghton today. We also wrapped up a couple of closings in Baraga and Marquette today. Sounds like Winter Carnival was a success despite the limited weather. Have a great week!

February 7, 2024

Winter Carnival 2024

Winter Carnival is here, snow or not! CLICK HERE to check out this year's itinerary. Take care!

February 6, 2024


Happy Tuesday! We wrapped up a closing on some land in Tapiola and got a deal together on our Rousseau listing. CLICK HERE to see a nice place on 77 beautiful acres near Trout Creek! Have a great day!

February 5, 2024


Losing snow by the day! Wrapped up a closing on my waterfront listing on Bayview Drive near L'anse as well as some vacant land near Ontonagon. CLICK HERE to see a spacious 4 BR home we just listed in Mass City. Hope you had a great weekend!

January 24, 2024


Lots of new deals happening this week! Today we got a deal together on 40 acres in Hancock Township, and also already got an offer accepted on our new listing on South Road near Misery Bay. Less than one day on the market! We also wrote an offer on 80 acres near Skanee. Also, CLICK HERE to see a nice ranch home we just listed in Calumet!



Our Featured Listings

  • Covington: $ 159,000
  • Trout Creek: $ 149,900
  • L'Anse: $ 83,000
  • Ontonagon: $ 239,900
  • Calumet: $ 150,000
  • L'Anse: $ 99,900
  • Ontonagon: $ 749,000
  • Trout Creek: $ 110,000
  • Dollar Bay: $ 21,000
  • Mass City: $ 86,500
  • Trout Creek: $ 19,900
  • Houghton: $ 75,000
  • L'Anse: $ 159,000
  • L'Anse: $ 364,900
  • Toivola: $ 49,900
  • Toivola: $ 79,900
  • Mohawk: $ 299,000
  • L'Anse: $ 90,000
  • Skanee: $ 193,000
  • Lake Linden: $ 79,000