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April 1, 2020

April is here!

April is finally here, and Spring is coming soon to the U.P. For those of you missing the U.P., or thinking about visiting here in the future, I recommend you check out a nice little video I watched on YouTube below. Keep smiling out there!


March 31, 2020


Another month is in the books! We wrapped up several closings over the last couple weeks, and today we relisted a Lake Superior parcel at a very attractive new price, CLICK HERE to see the details. Bring on April!

March 10, 2020

Houses are selling

It's a beautiful day! Houses are selling, we've been writing a lot of offers over the last couple of days. If you are thinking of selling your home, right now is a very good time to be a seller. Have a great day!

March 4, 2020


This video is a couple years old, but if you've never been here in the winter and are wondering what it looks like, check it out!


March 2, 2020

Good Start to March!

Twas a beautiful weekend here in the Keweenaw! This morning we had a showing on some acreage near Pelkie that resulted in an offer that is about to be accepted. This afternoon we closed on 1,000 feet of Lake Superior shoreline along Keweenaw Bay, so congrats to our buyers and sellers on another smooth transaction. March is here!

February 25, 2020

New Waterfront Home

This month is almost over! CLICK HERE to see a beautiful, newly constructed home on Lake Superior! Have a great day!

February 19, 2020

Price Drop

Warmer weather is coming! (we hope). CLICK HERE to check out a big price drop on a really nice lot for your next home! Stay warm out there!

February 10, 2020

New Commercial

Check out our new commercial!


February 4, 2020


Check out this video from our friends at Redridge Media House if you'd like a taste of life in the Keweenaw!


January 31, 2020

Investing in Land

Over the years we've gotten to work with a lot of land buyers working in all price ranges. When we got to know some of the high end buyers that purchase large properties, it seems that they always had made most of their money in real estate. They shied away from the volatility of the stock market, and recognized the value of investing in land. CLICK HERE for an article I read today that got me thinking about that. The moral of the story is that there is such a unique opportunity in our area to invest in beautiful land at such affordable prices. Other areas seem to be getting so expensive that most can't afford property, but here, there is so much property available at any price range. If you've never thought about land as investment, maybe now is the time!



Our Featured Listings

  • Covington: $ 69,900
  • Eagle Harbor: $ 60,000
  • Eagle Harbor: $ 60,000
  • Eagle Harbor: $ 60,000
  • Mohawk: $ 179,900
  • Covington: $ 59,000
  • Toivola: $ 280,000
  • Alston: $ 99,900
  • Chassell: $ 109,900
  • Allouez: $ 449,900
  • Copper Harbor: $ 95,000
  • Copper Harbor: $ 250,000
  • Atlantic Mine: $ 79,900
  • Atlantic Mine: $ 259,900
  • Hubbell: $ 239,900
  • Lake Linden: $ 22,900
  • Toivola: $ 99,500
  • Tapiola: $ 129,900
  • Alston: $ 9,900
  • Hancock: $ 15,000